Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How a foolish federal judge destroyed the Arizona Democratic party

If it wasn't bad enough for Democrats this year it just got worse for Arizona Democrats as Susan Bolton, a federal judge appointed by Bill Clinton, wrote a preposterous decision today invalidating most of the state's new immigration law.

Without getting into specifics of the ruling, it is clear that a vast majority of Arizonans approve of the law. Moreover, when the law is explained in detail, the approval rating only goes up. The clear winner is Republican governor Jan Brewer, who looked as though she might lose her race this year will now probably win in a blowout. To many voters, she looks like the defender of her state against an out of control President and a foolish federal judge.

The other losers are Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick (CD1), Harry Mitchell (CD5), and Gabrielle Giffords (CD8). These three Democrats were already looking at very tough races and now all three will be held accountable by the voters of the state. I would say now that they will all lose in November, largely a result of what happened today.

It also puts Arizona Democrats running for statewide offices as well as their senate and assembly in a terrible position and they will face substantial losses as well.

On another note, Rasmussen Reports has come out with Harry Reid in a slight lead against Sharron Angle. Many Republicans are already writing her obituary and are upset with her as she is not a smooth candidate. To write her off is premature. With an unemployment rate over 14% in Nevada and 50% of voters in the state saying they will never vote for Reid he really can't get more than about 45% of the vote. Certainly Angle is in a tough spot but she can certainly win the race.

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  1. More fuel for November's fire.