Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Can Bobby Jindal be drafted?

If Rick Perry drops out (which I predict he will do immediately after Iowa) than Governor Jindal might consider it. He's a big Perry supporter so he's have to wait until Perry steps aside. Jindal would be a dream shot for most conservatives and they would flock to him. He would have to accept quickly to try to get on the ballot in several states to fight off Mitt Romney. Jindal has gotten some intense pressure lately to come in. A Jindal/Rubio ticket would be virtually unbeatable. We'll see.


The Snitch

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  1. Perry isn't going anywhere. He's got more money than anyone. He's done with these assinine debates and just happened to be getting better by the end such that it won't be an embarrassment to see him standing by Obama in a debate. I think Santorum is the better pick, but Perry's deep pockets would be a big help against that shameless rat bastard whose always complaining about campaign money and its nefarious impacts... without ever being called on his hypocrisy.