Monday, November 1, 2010

Four candidates for President in 2012

Even before tomorrow's election I want to share with you what will happen in the 2012 Presidential race. Ultimately there will be four candidates:

1)Obama (after he makes it through a primary challenge).
2)Republican (as long as it isn't Sarah Palin he'll have a good chance).
3)Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of New York (he will spend over 1 billion of his own money in an Independent candidacy).
4)Russ Feingold (the defeated Senator from Wisconsin who will run as some kind of left-wing candidate).

It will be the first four-man race since 1948 when Harry Truman faced three men-two from the right wing and one from the left and emerged victorious. If the GOP nominates someone other than Palin they'll have a good shot at winning. With Palin, however, the race will degenerate into one crazy fight. Just remember, in 1860, Abe Lincoln won the Presidency in a four-way race wih 39% of the vote.


The Snitch

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