Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Three early races to watch

I mentioned in a previous post that IN CD 2 (Joe Donnelly) was an important indicator of how the election will go tonight. Polls close first in Kentucky and Indiana so we should be able to make some guesses about the nation based on how Donnelly does. If he wins easily, Democratic losses will be minimial. If it is close then the losses for the Democrats will be subtantial. If he loses big then you'll see a large Republican wave.

In Kentucky there will be two races that will help us make some early predictions. John Yarmuth in KY CD 3 is favored to win reelection in this slighly blue district centered around Louisville. If Yarmuth loses it will be a long night for Democrats. The same goes in KY CD 6 where Ben Chandler is defending his seat. He's a classic Blue Dog from the district centered around the state capital in Frankfort and has won the last three elections easily. The district is conservative and it did vote for Bush (twice) and McCain. If the Republican can win here it will be disatrous for the Democrats, especially south of the Mason-Dixon line.


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