Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama is giving up on Florida and Virginia

Obama's path to victory has gotten smaller as his chief strategist David Plouffe in a recent comment left Virginia and Florida off the President's "firewall".  If we give those two states to Mitt Romney his total rises to 248 Electoral Votes while President Obama has 201.  The remaining states are:  Ohio (18), Iowa (6), Colorado (9), Wisconsin (10), New Hampshire (4), Nevada (6), Pennsylvania (20) and Michigan (16).  Team Romney seems confident that Colorado will fall into their laps (they've got an overall registered voters advantage in the state and they feel strongly they are surging there) and that would push up their total to 257, 13 short of victory.

Obviously Ohio is the great prize; in the if the above states fall to Romney and he wins Ohio he'll become President.  With 20 days left Mitt's got the momentum and a slight lead, we'll see if he can cross the finish line.


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