Monday, May 10, 2010

Strange Things Can Happen: Democrats that could lose if the wave is big enough.

Arkansas CD 4 (Ross)
California CD 11 (McNerney)
California CD 18 (Cardoza)
California CD 20 (Costa)
California CD 47 (Sanchez)
Colorado CD 7 (Perlmutter)
Connecticut CD 2 (Courtney)
Connecticut CD 4 (Hines)
Connecticut CD 5 (Murphy)
Florida CD 22 (Klein)
Georgia CD 8 (Marshall)
Illinois CD 3 (Lipinski)
Indiana CD 1 (Visclosky)
Maine CD 2 (Michaud)
Minnesota CD 1 (Walz)
Missouri CD 4 (Skelton)
New Mexico CD 1 (Heinrich)
New York CD 1 (Bishop)
New York CD 27 (Higgins)
Ohio CD 13 (Sutton)
Pennsylvania CD 11 (Kanjorski)-Paul Kanjorski is a long-term survivor in this slightly Democratic district. He had one of his closest races in 2008 winning by only four points and the GOP has targeted him again this cycle. Attacked as being an insider and a tremendous earmarker, it would not be a big surprise to see this seat flip to the GOP.
Rhode Island CD 1 (Open)
South Carolina CD 5 (Spratt)
Tennessee CD 5 (Cooper)
Texas CD 17 (Edwards)-Chet Edwards represents a very red district. The Texas GOP is working hard to try to defeat him and may well succeed. In 2004 Edwards squeaked by with 51% of the vote and it will be hard to raise money and get Democrats in Independents, and Republicans to vote. Honest and well-respected my most in his district he’ll have to fight hard to win another term in Congress.
Texas CD 23 (Rodriguez)
Texas CD 28 (Cuellar)
Utah CD 2 (Matheson)
Washington CD 2 (Larson)
Washington CD 6 (Dicks)
West Virginia CD 1 (Mollohan)

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