Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thoughts on the KY Senate Race

In a normal year, the GOP establishment candidate, Trey Grayson, would have won the Senate primary easily and coasted to election. Grayson's candidacy was meant to keep the seat in GOP hands by forcing the incumbent, Jim Bunning, out of the race. Bunning had become an embarassment and almost lost his reelection in 2004 and was considered extremely vulnerable. Little did Grayson know that an Libertarian eye doctor named Rand Paul would not only mount a credible challenge but end up walloping him by over 20 points. If Paul can keep his mouth shut (which doesn't seem too likely) he should be easily elected. The Democrats nominated the more liberal candidate which helps Paul-especially this year. This race will be interesting to watch because Paul speaks about the constitutionality of issues-something that most Democratic and Republican candidates don't touch either because they don't care or don't know what to say. The health care debate has brought the role of government and its limits to the fore and Rand Paul will probably (for better or worse) end up driving the GOP crazy as he will constantly take the Senate floor and speak on First Principles which will force people to make decisions in the light of day.

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