Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm calling Sharron Angle the winner in Nevada

We've seen a small swing in Angle's favor in the last few days and that should be enough to put her over the top in one of the nation's closest and most watched elections. With early voting looking solid for the GOP throughout the state and Harry Reid topping out at about 44-45% I think she should win the race by between two and three percent. It should end up something like this: Angle: 49.7% Reid 46.9%. With Angle flipping Reid's seat that gives the GOP a +6 in the Senate (47 total seats) with Illinois, Colorado, Washington, California and West Virginia still to be decided. To gain control the GOP has to win four out of the last five races which will be very difficult. If the election was today I'd say the GOP would pick up 9 seats with victories in West Virginia, Illinois, and Colorado. Washington and California still look like Democratic states with six days to go so a 50-50 split in the Upper Chamber seems more realistic each day.


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