Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The race for control of the House

Right now I see a net gain of 53 seats in the House (56 GOP pickups minus 3 Democratic pickups) with 32 races too close to call and another 22 races probably out of the reach of the Republicans.

I'm calling MO CD 4 (Skelton) a GOP pickup along with TN CD 4 (Davis). I've moved AZ CD 8 (Giffords), MA CD 10 (Open) and NH CD 2 (Bass) down from lean GOP to Tossup. I've moved GA CD 8 (Marshall), ID CD 2 (Minnick), VA CD 9 (Boucher), MS 4 (Taylor), RI 1 (Open) and IA CD 1 (Braley) from solid Dem to Tossup.


The Snitch

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